Python IDE Is it compulsory

We often see people wandering around in internet, which IDE should I be using for python. There are so many IDE around. We would not like to compare and say this one is better than other. The choice depends and might differ from users.

As a beginners, We don’t really need IDE. We can simply run the script created in simplest code editor like VIM (linux based code editor). Only requirement is the file must be in .py extension. The IDE make life easier with many features it has like auto-complete, syntax highlighter, debugger and many more. But if you are a beginners first focus on learning the core concept rather than debating and wasting your time on choosing the right IDE.

List of IDE and code editor for python :

  1. PyCharm
  2. SublimeĀ  Text
  3. Atom
  4. Visual Studio
  5. Eclipse with PyDev
  6. Spyder

The list goes on. We personally request beginners to not bother about it and focus more on python.


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