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Tara Gurung, Senior DevOps Engineer

Experienced DevOps Engineer Specializing in Streamlined Software Development, Automation, and Continuous Integration and Deployment/Delivery!

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My Experience

My Experience

I have been working as DevOps engineer since 2017 (8 years). Working on wide varieties of companies from small startups to a big Corporates.

  • Design and Implement Entire Cloud Architecture
  • Make application highly scalable, reliable and fault tolerant, implementing microservice architecture
  • Containerize and deploy application on Kubernetes Cluster
  • Write Terraform script to setup IAAC and set a single source of truth
  • Setup a CICD pipeline using tools like Jenkins / Github Action
  • Regular Security Scanning and Vulnerabilities Scanner Setup and apply fixex on Network, application
  • OS Hardening / Application hardening setup
  • AWS Cloud cost optimization
  • Setup Logging and Monitoring
  • Assist with Compliance (PCI-DSS / ISO )
Why choose Tara Prasad Gurung

Why choose Tara Prasad Gurung

I have been in IT industry since 2013, I value the pain customer has to go through when a system or application fails, I am sincere to what I do and my 8years of DevOps adds extra value to your work.

  • Years of DevOps consulting experience.
  • I am good listener first, and good at collaborating with Developers which is a must needed soft skills.
  • I have a real working experience with right tools and services.
  • Good at fixing issues
Tools and Services I use mostly

Tools and Services I use mostly

DevOps is not just knowing the tools but using the right tools that can add values.These are few of the tools and services I am experienced with.

  • AWS Cloud Service, Google Cloud Provider(GCP)
  • Docker, Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, HelmChart, ArgoCD
  • Terraform for Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
  • CICD with GithubActions, Gitlab Pipeline, Jenkins
  • Prometheus/Grafana/AlertManager, NewRelic, DataDog for monitoring

What my clients say

Take a moment to read what business and agency owners say about my expertise and the experience they had while working with me.

I met him over linkedin, since then he is providing the DevOps consulting to me. It's easy to work and communicate with him. He knows the best!
Rohan Ale, AstraTech

Rohan Ale, AstraTech

Engineering Manager

I have worked with Tara Prasad Gurung on multiple projects, he delivers as required!
Remco Schoos

Remco Schoos

CTO, CIO en Chief AI Officer @ Group Moovs

We were colleagues for 3years in same organization, Tara is great he will understands the problem and always focuses on end result.
Janam Khada

Janam Khada

DevOps Engineer, CloudHero