Creating a wordpress development environment using docker -compose in 1 minute

Yes it takes no more than 1 minute to setup WordPress  development environment in docker  container. Here we will be using the docker-compose.yml file which can be easily found even in the docker officials  documentations. And we will run the simple docker-compose command to run the service and run the WordPress.

Prerequisites :

Basic knowledge and understanding of  docker and docker-compose.

Here is the link to from where I got the contents for docker-compose file . I  have added few descriptions to these docker-compose for someone who might be unfamiliar with it.

docker compose file for wordpress

We are  using two  images here

  1. WordPress image : Behind the scene its maintaining php and web servers required. And using these image you don’t even have to bother about it.
  2. MYSQL image: The mysql image is used for the database.

What is done with docker-compose can also be done by creating your own Dockerfile or by running both service and than linking them but that is more time consuming and becomes frustrating when the number of containers to run grows .With docker-compose everything becomes easy . The best part I like being linking the multiple container together with ease.

How is the 2 containers linked here:

As the service  WordPress is dependent on database service db. You can see a line with  depends_on and with the service name allocated ,which is responsible for linking the two services  we have  together.

Command used to start containers:

As it has the docker compose  file we  will be using the docker-compose command to start the services.

docker compose up -d 

These command will run the two service and -d for running it in the background.

Here is the short video on how I ran the services


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